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bard_linn ([personal profile] bard_linn) wrote2012-08-19 05:28 pm

Who's productive? ME. MEEEEEE!

So I'm currently cat sitting for my parents. They are currently on their way back from taking my sister off to her second year at college. Between getting her ready to go, Dad's medical stuff and general home improvement, a lot of the usual normal cleaning stuff has been ignored. (This was also stuff I used to take care of before I moved out.) So I have conquered all of the following over the last two days:

- Vacuumed the family room, office, hallway, my old room and as much of the parent's room as I could.

- Cleaned both the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms.

- Vacuumed then scrubbed the stairs.

- Cleaned all the grease off the stove, scrubbed the burners (this took about two hours)and re-foiled it (a trick to keep food from burning onto the top).

- Swept and mopped the kitchen floor.

- Scrubbed the counters, containers on counters, toaster, microwave, sink, and both drainboards.

- Wiped down the front and back doors to the house and cleaned the glass screen doors.

- Mowed the lawn (Got four bug bites for my trouble - at three in the afternoon! Just not fair.)

- Took out the trash throughout the house.

- Took down three out of the five shelves still up in my old room (which will eventually be put back up in my house). I would have gotten all five, but the drill is out of power and getting three to four inch screws out by hand requires a lot of hand/shoulder power and I'm tired. XD

And I ALSO got Church, two runs to Walmart (I know it's an evil place, but they have very cheap prices and I'm on a budget right now) and a hair cut in! *strikes victory pose*

....and I really wish I had some FSN icons. Will have to fix that.

Also, Shameless Pimping: [personal profile] kiraya wrote an adorable FSN fic set in the fate route after "Boy meets girl & girl." Go read it. It's awesome! (Warning for some adult content.)