bard_linn: Kamui from x/1999 (Kamui)
bard_linn ([personal profile] bard_linn) wrote2012-01-16 06:57 pm

So today Kiraya and I watched the TRC OAVs (OVAs, whatever).

1. Having actually seen it animated, I can kind of understand the FaiKurogame ship now.

2. I need to reread the manga slower to remember some of the stuff I missed.

3. X!Kamui needs to be as badass as TRC!Kamui.

4. It was :( that they didn't have Subaru's badass moment...AND X/TB!SUBARU NEEDS TO BE THAT BADASS. YES.

5. Sei-Fuuma snark is wonderful.

6. I legit squeeed when Kamui, Subaru, Sei and Fuuma made their first appearences.

7. I actually can kind of ship FuumaxKamui here because Fuuma is more 'aww, aren't you a cute pissed off kid, have a cookie' as opposed to a maniac.

8. Domestic vampire harem RP = <3

9. Mokona can be cute and adorable with ANYONE. OMG.

10. I keep calling Mokona Madoka. They could fill each other's roll's pretty well.

11. Syaoran versus Syaoran looks a lot like Suzaku versus Suzaku. ZOMG, another clone. We spent part of the time discussing which Suzaku would be which Syaoran.

12. I still want more background for the vampire twins and Sei. *grabby hands*

13. So, if we crossed this with geass.....

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