Jun. 6th, 2008

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How is life going?

Well, school is almost out. We've got five days of lunch duty left, three days of exams, and one 'fluff' day. I'm trying to get everything done I can now - but I've got projects and review packets coming in next week, blah. Other than that though, I'm basically at the 'organizing for next year' stage. Also, I'm proctoring SATs tomorrow which will give me a bit more money in the bank.

...which is a good thing since I managed to spend most of my state tax rebate today over at rightstuff.com. However, the following are all on their way to my house: AMG the soundtrack for season one, the entire series of Haibane Renmei, Hellsing, Read or Die TV, Tenchi Muyo Movie 1, Tenchi Universe (I have very fond memories of this series <3), Trigun, and all but one DVD of X the TV series Remastered version - they were out of the first disk, dang it. All for less than 300 dollars, which is AWESOME in my book (little less than 8 a thing WITH shipping? Fantastic. >D)

It also takes a lot of stuff off the list of Anime I've been planning to buy for a while. I still want to get FMA (but I'd prefer to get it either used or really cheep because I don't want to fund Vic nonsense more than necessary) and Kaledio star. I'd also like to finish Ronin Warriors (I inherited a lot of the DVDs from my cousin). But that's basically it - I might give in and buy some of the Sailor Moon series at some point because those were my first 'real' anime - minus Unico when I was a kid, but I can't find THAT yet EDIT: or maybe you can as it says on Wiki and Amazon there are some? *GLEE*- besides, its SHINY and I'm lame like that (though since Geneon did those too I might have trouble with that). I'll also want to pick up X Remixed 1, of course. And maybe finish off AMG as they bring them over in thinpack sets. But that's basically it at the moment. If they come out with a new series for Slayers I'll have to get that but without an anime club anymore I'm not really getting introduced to new stuff. Not a bad thing for my wallet.


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