Apr. 4th, 2008

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1. I still dream about gaining some sort of magical powers. My favorite would be the magic wands from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty – I mean, cleaning, cooking and cosplay outfit making, what more could you want?
2. I have a tendency to mentally ‘type up’ blog posts everywhere…and never get to actually TYPING them.
3. I still love the cartoons from when I was a kid, and fully plan on spending a good portion of my life collecting them on DVD.
4. I always have to read SOMETHING out of a book before I go to bed – otherwise I can’t sleep. And it has to be a book, not online.
5. Speaking of reading, I find the scenes were people are describing luxurious rooms incredibly soothing. So are scenes about long baths and pampering.
6. I hate the beach and the sun. I am very much an indoors person – except for amusement parks. (Not so big on water parks though)
7. Six may be related to the fact that most suntan lotion feels like ACID on my skin, especially my face. I have to use special stuff for my face – banana boat is working for the rest of me at the moment, but that may change. -.-
8. I do not like rollercoasters that primarily consist of drops. I do like the ones that are mostly curly-cues. I like most rides that spin around and around – the Swings are my FAVORITE ride ever.
9. I didn’t used to like rollercoasters at all, primarily because I had to take off my glasses. Unlike most folks, my glasses weren’t at first for distance, but to keep my eyes working together; when my left eye turns out, it basically kills my depth perception. I’ve gone through all types therapy for it and still have exercises and have had to wear a patch at times (Yes, I really know how it looks like to FMA!Roy at times!) Imagine riding a coaster and it looks like you’re going to fall off all the time. Not fun, ne?
10. I used to feel like more of a central figure in fandom. It was nice…but it was also very nerve wracking and dragged down my energy. I’m happy to be back off on the side, though sometimes I miss the late night chats.
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Authors: Bard Linn and Kiraya
Genre: General/Drama
Pairings: ZackxSeph
Rating (Overall): PG-13
Summary: “Aeris, I’d like you to meet Tifa Lockhart."

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII and all associated characters and symbols are the exclusive property of Square Enix and its associates. We’re just borrowing them for a while.

Chapter 33 )

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So, we posted today. Yay, right? We get to see everyone's reactions to what we wrote.

But it seems like NOBODY cares about anything other than the pairings.

A lot more is going on in the fic beyond pairings. In many ways, I feel like the rest of the stuff in the fic is more important than the pairings. I'm a bit surprised nobody has mentioned anything about the small object of Great Plot Importance In The Original Game this chapter (anybody catch that?). Nobody talked about Tifa in the Turks bar or anything else - it's all pairing stuff.

And yes, we're trying to write some realistic pairings. That means some people may fall in love, but not stay together for ever. That means some people may start sleeping together but not stay together forever. That means some people might have sex, but not really have a relationship - and have a lot of things to work out before 'happily ever after.' All of the characters have different flaws. It's something we work really hard on. Sometimes that might be communications issues, or perception issues, or just plain avoidance issues. We're trying to make them three dimensional.

I feel like all this work is being wasted. We do a lot of groundwork in these chapters....and all we hear about is pairings, pairings, pairings.

Yeah, I know if we said "x, y and z are going to be the pairings" we'd probably have less issues but...I want BE to be more than just pairing fic. It was always meant to be a lot more than pairing fic.


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