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Title: Mosaic
Pairing(s): SuzakuxKaguya, SuzakuxKallen, SuzakuxEuphemia, SuzakuxNunnally, others hinted. Strong Suzaku + Lelouch friendship.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sometimes it takes a while to find all of the pieces of happiness.
Notes: Inspired by [ profile] otakukeith’s bunny at [ profile] cg_adopt_bunny. It’s...not exactly true to the original idea at all. (But thanks for letting me play anyway!) What caught my eye was a) trying to find a way to get Suzaku into a harem and b) getting Lelouch to let Nunnally go. Tackling these two ideas, I thought of the following 5 concepts to tackle.

1. If Nunnally is Suzaku’s childhood friend, they still met in a canon like situation. How did they return to Britannia?
2. Based on number one, why is Lelouch alive/not trying to take over/kill his father?
3. Why is Britannia marrying people off instead of just running over Japan with their superior weapons?
4. Nunnally, in my head, would not be happy without Lelouch in her life. Suzaku similarly needs his friend in his life - his best friend who is like a brother to him. Thus how do we get Lelouch over to Japan and keep him there?
5. If Suzaku is a prince, how does he rule? It’s pretty much headcanon for me that he is better at combat situations than the political sphere (Lelouch is the other way around, with the exception of command.)

Based on these four questions, a few random ideas I liked to kick around, this fic was created. Not so affectionately dubbed “The Monster” in my head, it spans 40 pages. It’s also my first posted Geass fic that actually has my name on it - I don’t think kink memes count. Tell me if its any good?

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