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Yes, we are those out to save the world from the cute. Here is a place for all the links to angsty fics set in the Familiar Universe or anything else that violates the purpose of the series. Or makes assumptions, such as who Rowan's mother is, that are no-nos. (And we'll pretend Hime's ignoring us. :P)

If you've got a fic you wanted added below, just drop a comment here or some place else on my journal with the link. Have fun everyone!

Unwanted Gifts by [personal profile] bard_linn
And the cycle continues.

Rowan's Mother, Different Parents
Edward Elric stared by [profile] kazaera
Parenthood by [personal profile] bard_linn
The love for a child.

It was old, dusty, and covered in dents by [personal profile] dragontrap

"Dad?" the boy asked with some uncertainty at this display. "Are you okay?" by [profile] jeva_chan
Continued from Here
Beyond the pane of glass, there was a speck of light in the distance. by [profile] jeva_chan
Continued from above.


[personal profile] dragontrap's Samantha Series
The pair of golden eyes stared up at Ed
Family Traits
Unki Al
Dinner Affairs ‘Part 1’
Dinner Affairs ‘Part 2’
Dinner Affairs ‘Part 3’
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Summary )

The Particulars )

By [profile] hime1999

The Story
Heavenly Delights
Ed gets a taste of something new.

First Encounter
Ed meets Roy for the first time in his alter ego.

A Few Alterations
Edward finds out exactly why Roy’s interested in hi-er-her.
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I never believed in love.
Pairing: CloudxAeris

Butterfly Effect
Cloud wakes Vincent up when he's five. One change alters the world.

Calling All Heroes
Pairing: Light!CloudxAerisxZackxSephiroth
Cloud, Sephiroth, Aeris and Zack don't get a break even after death.

Why Sephiroth wears the outfit he does. Oddly enough, not crack considering the question.

Minor Annoyance
Pairing: ZackxSeph
Drabble. There is ONE thing about Seph that gets Zack annoyed....

Roundabout (Abandoned)
Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2
Pairing: SephxCloud
Here, death is only the beginning of the adventure....

More Than A Dream
These were the days that made life worth living.
Note: Set pre-AC timeline. Written for [ profile] kiraya's birthday.
Pairing: ZackxCloudxSeph

Equivalent Trade
Cloud didn’t dream of that place anymore. He would have preferred those dreams, however, to what had been coming lately.
Note: Sequel to More Than A Dream, but AFTER AC so has spoilers.
Pairing: ZackxCloudxSeph

Manipulation Trilogy (Abandoned)
Aeris shifted, uncomfortable with her burden. That warned Cloud how terrible this request must be.

The former general had told him he wouldn’t become a memory…
Note: Post AC hence spoilers. :) Second part of the Manipulation Trilogy.
Pairing: Cloud/Seph May be considered NSFW, though not explicit.

Bound Universe
Based upon [ profile] nashidesei’s Bound, written with the author’s permission and encouragement. If you haven’t read Bound I suggest you go read that first and then come back. They'll still be here.

Division (Abandoned)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
When a secret Cloud has forgotten returns, it may end up tearing everything Gaea did apart....
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Gen Fic

Media madness

Calm Before the Storm
G, pre series, Elric family centric
Dedicated to [ profile] hime1999 for her birthday.

Al's thoughts on Edward.
Note: Inspired by the image of Al holding Ed back, which happens a lot in fanfiction.
PG, Gen. Angstish. During series.
Translated into French by [ profile] wayya

Dedicated to [ profile] tir_synni for her birthday.
Translated into French by [ profile] wayya

Roy reflects.
Post series, possible movie spoilers.

Information Gathering
Roy has many dates, but some of them aren't what they appear to be.

Love of Books
Note: Inspired by picture created by [ profile] hime1999

Misdirected Mail
The letter had come completely by accident. Preseries divergence.

The Power of a Single Life
This is the story of a boy.

Request of a Child
There was a question lurking in her eyes.
Post series (spoilers), IGNORES MOVIE.
Translated into French by [ profile] wayya

Spelling Matters
The Elric brothers were coming up with a new code.
Dedicated to [ profile] kazaera

Study Partners
Al knocked on the door.
Dedicated to [ profile] chiba_yuriko

Some called him a hero; some a god.
Note: Birthday gift for [ profile] jade_pen
Spoilers for Pride.

When the Journey is Over
Note: Inspired by picture created by [ profile] hime1999

Life in Development Universe (Currently abandoned)
AU of the "takes info from first 9 episodes or so and ignores the rest" variety.

Growing up can be a pain. PG
Dedicated to [ profile] kytyngurl2

There's a lot more to aging than inches.
Dedicated to [ profile] lanerose

Pairing Fic

By Your Side
Ed gets back and finds something has changed while he was away.

Summary: There had been a time when coming home to an empty house was status quo. Roy didn’t know if it had been a good thing or a bad thing that had changed.
Yaoi, RoyxEd, Angst, then Fluff. For [ profile] kytyngurl2's birthday.
Summary: . The strength is there, as is the will but not the skills.
Written for [ profile] sky_dark's birthday.

The Dark
Ed got a surpise when he woke up.
Warnings for SPOILERS for all of the series, Roy/Ed relationship, dark, morbidness, may give small children nightmares, not quite as much suckiness because it has been revised, possibly typos and grammar errors galore.
Written for [ profile] devils_devotion's challenge to me to write unhappy Roy/Ed. Title comes from a Trans Siberian Orchestra song from Beethoven’s Last Night.

Empty Passion
Summary: Their movements were fast, furious, and silent.
Rish (implied sex, nothing graphic), Spoilers (probably better to see end of series), Hidden pairing.
NOTE: Blame for this pairing goes to [ profile] sockren.

In Silence
There is more than mere words spoken.
Note: Dedicated to [ profile] zalia for her birthday.
Translated into French by [ profile] wayya

Innocent Brother
Al has a question, and he wants ANSWERS
RoyxEd, Oblivious!Al (cause he's fun to play with)
Note: Blame goes to [ profile] anax [Link includes VAS, which every Roy/Ed writer should read]

It wasn’t fair!
Hidden pairing (Yaoi), will not make sense if you haven’t seen Episode 44 of FMA.
Drabble: Exactly 100 words.
I blame...somebody. Because this isn't my fault.

Old Dog, New Tricks
And now, for a little magic.
Warnings for Shortness, crack, suckiness, Roy cosplaying (kaitou kidish tendencies), Established RoyxEd. Dedicated to [ profile] mikkeneko who wanted TUE for her Birthday (tied up Ed).

A Tale of Two Lovers
They had been childhood sweethearts.
Post series. (spoilers) Hidden crack pairing.
Blame for pairing goes to [ profile] acdragonmaster

Works of Love
This would be the first time Al had been home the entire day for Roy’s birthday and he intended to make the most of it.
RoyxAl, Could be a semi-sequal to By Your Side.

The Pillow Universe

The Pillow Universe is based on these fics by [ profile] kytyngurl2: The Grand Struggle and Soft by [ profile] kytyngurl2. Used with permission. (Has fanart by [ profile] celes_grant)

Waking Dream
Cowritten with [ profile] kytyngurl2
It seemed far to real for a dream, yet surely he could not be here?

Roy knew Edward needed something.


Gundam Wing

Kieran and Helios
Unexpected meetings.
Note:Continuation from [ profile] forgottenlover's drabble here

Harry Potter

The girl was acting oddly
Note: A HP/FMA crossover, the like of which I’m 99.99% sure you’ve never seen before…
Sorta set in 6th HP book, but no spoilers. Technically post series, movie stuff for FMA, but again, no real spoilers.
Translated into French by [ profile] wayya

Summary: Time changes everything. Magic and war change people even more so.
For [ profile] stickmarionette's birthday, a fic set in her Fading Footsteps's universe.
while. :)

Foundation of Truth

Stranded in another world, Edward find himself ripped through time and space. As luck would have it, he lands in the very place that might be able to help him get home – Hogwarts.
Post Series (spoilers), no movie information, post book five AU.

Arrival from the Past
It was only chance that sent him to this place.
Translated into French by [ profile] wayya

Befriending a Sneak
Someone was in the library.
Translated into French by [ profile] wayya

Hero Counseling

Oh My Goddess: Ascension (Abandoned)

Star Wars

Alchemy Wars: A Scene from a Star Wars and FMA Fusion.
After Testing

Jedi Roy by [ profile] acdragonmaster


To Turn Back Time
Present for [ profile] hime1999. His story was ending. His story was just beginning.

Tipping the Balance (Abandoned)
Set in FMA Manga universe with a bit of Anime mixed in. Beginning of X (trying to stay manga and not anime).

Extinguished Flame
Setting the stage.

Edward has a visitor.

Exit Fees
Leaving for the Other Side
bard_linn: Lelouch wearing glasses from Code Geass (Lelouch)
Take Snapshots from the [ profile] cgkinkmemeii and add fantasy elements. Yeah, I don’t know what [ profile] elarielf was thinking when she said it was okay to for me to write this.
Abduction | Fall | Fight | Egg | Reunion | Homecoming

Emperor's Reward
AU. Emperor Lelouch is working too hard. Three members of the Rounds decide to change that.
NWS LelouchxSuzakuxKallenxGino
Written for the cgkinkmeme

Final Command
“Your Highness. By the final order of His Majesty, we are here to convey you to Pendragon.”
AU (R-1, pre-Narita), Gen

First Encounter
Lelouch meets a stranger in a park.

Five Things Lelouch Learned From His Mother - And One Thing He Didn't
Marianne's influence on her son's life.

Mosaic: Part 1 | Part 2
Sometimes it takes a while to find all of the pieces of happiness.
SuzakuxKaguya, SuzakuxKallen, SuzakuxEuphemia, SuzakuxNunnally, others hinted. Strong Suzaku + Lelouch friendship.
Inspired by [ profile] otakukeith’s bunny at [ profile] cg_adopt_bunny.

Roommates at Pendragon
'Lelouch' and Suzaku go to an all boys school. Except...Lelouch is a girl.
NWS Girl!Lelouch/Suzaku
Written for the cgkinkmeme

Sakura Kiss
[ profile] shirogiku’s Suzaku from her incubus Lelouch universe encounters two onmyoji
NWS LelouchxSuzaku, Seishirou/Subaru
SPOILERS for Tokyo Babylon and some elements of X/1999 (Subaru’s Wish, in particular). Set between the two.

Waken, Sleeper
Lelouch wakes up in a world of magic after his death.


Mar. 29th, 2005 07:42 pm
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Babylon 5:

Susan hadn't realized how hard it would be.
Warnings: POST SERIES. SPOILERS AHOY. Also, this will make more sense if you've read "To Dream in the City of Sorrows." And if you haven't, you really, really, should. Its a part of the B5 story that never made film, but explained what happened to Sinclair.

Code Geass

Dectective Conan:

Drabble, crossover.

Final Fantasy VII

Fullmetal Alchemist (Note: Based on original anime only)

Kingdom Hearts

Twenty Views of Sora
A collection of one-shots to drabbles. Various characters' thoughts on KH's hero. Written for my 21st birthday. ^_^

Written for the [ profile] kingdom_xiii challenge. Takes place after KHII and examines Sora and Roxas' relationship. Are they truly whole? Or has something been forgotten? (Currently Suspended. May pick this up again at some point).


After the end of Kingdom Hearts II, Sora becomes interested in Roxas' past. But as he journeys further and further into Roxas' lost memories, he finds he is loosing himself...

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2


While Sora swims through the murky waters of Roxas' Organization memories, Roxas finds himself on a quest of his own against his will...


Changed and altered by their experiences in the Darkness and Light arcs, Sora and Roxas must confront their past, present and future if they are ever to truly to recover from the events at Hollow Bastion.

Tokyo Babylon and X/1999

In Which Hokuto-chan Torments Sei. Again.
Because there wasn’t enough Hokuto in X.

Young Wizards:

After the Fight
I was scared.


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