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I started tracking my weight in September. I was 158 pounds at the time, coming in just under 5'3''. My weight is something that I've always struggled with, especially with a lot of bad habits at home. I am happy to say that I am now 130.5 pounds. I'm actually a size six which I have never been in my entire life (disclaimer: six 6 of today is now is not what six 6 of a decade or so ago was but still). I also actually have some muscle definition in my arms and legs. It makes me so happy to be fit! I've started trying to run outside since the weather has been nicer to increase my wind to go along with my muscle strength. I'm happy with my body for the first time in my life and I have no intention of letting that go.

I've finished the costume part of my Miko Rin cosplay. I have to pick up the pattern I'm altering from my parent's house this weekend, then I'll start plotting out what I need for Kaleido Ruby. Still have to make both the Jeweled Sword and the Kaleidostick. (Hahaha, good challenge there.)

Whee, the translation completion for F/HA went up again! Maybe we'll get a complete patch some time this year...

Got an A in my first grad course, yay! My second one cancelled on me due to lack of enrollment. I'll probably take at least one more this summer, possibly two, but that'll depend on a few other things going on this summer.

Less than a month until Kiraya moves in! I'm super excited. I've needed the year by myself to get a hold of some things, but I think her moving out is going to be good for both her and for me.

I seem to have managed to get myself involved in a FSN forum on despite my belief that Forums Are Scary Places. Also, back to writing fan-fanfiction. Oops. (Probably the most amusing thing is the fact they seem to think I'm a boy because it's a mostly male fandom. I am not disabusing them of this notion mostly because it amuses the heck out of me, and Social Experiment).
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