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And I couldn't be happier. Tens are nice, lose and comfortable. I can actually squeeze into my sister's eight dress. I've increased my weights when exercising, as well as varied my routines (got some new DVDs from Amazon) so I suspect I'll be pulling a few more pounds off. Right now I don't want to really change shape so much as I want to build muscle and lose fat. I doubt I'll drop much lower than a ten with how wide my shoulders and hips are. (I am, technically, just inside of BMI for my body height and within the body frame size chart, go me! I know these things are not the be all or end all, but they're a nice target.)

People at school are noticing. I have other staff members asking what I'm doing and if I have tips for them. :)

I was accepted to Graduate School! I have some paperwork to get together - medical records and stuff like that - and then I'm going to work on getting a few courses in before June 30th. If I can get two in this year I'll be able to get reimbursed for those two before the 'new' year starts (for schools, it's July 1st, I believe). This means I could possibly get 5 courses in by July 2014, which would be 15 credits, which would be awesome.

Stopped down by my parents yesterday. Raided their cereal again (Dad has gone gluten and meat free in an effort to try and fight his symptoms. This means all his cereal is going to go bad, so I gratefully will eat it and thank them for not having to pay for it!) as well as went shopping with Mom. I got fabric for Rin's Miko outfit at Joanne's yesterday as well as a pattern for what will hopefully work for Kaleido Ruby. Rin's props are proving to be the most interesting part of the challenge but I'm going to do my best! I also picked up some clothes, including a new dress/shirt thingy I'm wearing tomorrow ($20, originally $80, ha), a regular summer dress and two pairs of yoga pants to exercise in.

.....of course, they're too long. XD Luckily, my aunt is planning on giving me her sewing machine so I will be able to hem them easily without driving to Mom's!

I've been trying to get some new dress shoes for school. I lucked out with a pair of boots at JCP and got a set of brown ones with Kiraya on President's weekend - we hit one of the outlets - but flats are being very inconvenient. With my weight loss I'm just not quite fitting anything. Right now this involves me ordering a bunch of shoes online then returning all of the ones that don't fit.

So far, they're all going back. Oops?

Starting this month I'm actually running a budget, now being over six months in the house. I think I have pretty much settled into purchasing patterns, so I want to figure out how much I actually spend a month (since I don't have a lot of start up costs anymore) and make sure to average out enough to save for summer. I have a decent amount in savings so I'm not terribly worried. Plus, Kiraya is planning to move in this summer, and that will allow me to split off some of the food, internet, etc. costs.

My two favorite Iphone entertainment apps for my itouch are Pocket Fiction (allows you to download fics right off I just wish it also worked for other sites. It's a little buggy, but it's like having an unlimited number of ebooks at my fingertips) and Flower Garden. I HATE real life gardening (the little I'm planning on doing this summer falls in the 'necessary evil' category - food mostly, to cut down on grocery costs) but I really enjoy sending Kiraya and my mom flowers. XD Also, COMPLETE ALL THE CHALLENGES.

And with that, I need to go get ready for bed, as tomorrow is the beginning of another school week.
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