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So, points of interest: Weight loss has been succeeding! Since September, I am down 16lbs. I'm firmly a size 10/medium now and feel great. I finally broke down and bought some new clothes. The outfit I wore today made me feel so sexy and attractive. I got a lot of compliments too. <3 Still have weight to lose (and muscle to gain) but I'm getting there! On the exercise front, C25K has not been working (damn ankle gave out again) but I might try again in the summer, especially since [personal profile] kiraya got me an ipod touch for Christmas, so I can actually do it outside without too many issues. That being said, Notra Tracks are actually pretty awesome.

FSN continues to be love. I wish they'd make an AFFORDABLE Fate/Zero box set, though. Also, still having unpopular fandom opinions as almost always. Le sigh. I'm going to try and do Rin Cosplay this summer (another reason I'm exercising and working on my legs. Need to be ready for Rin!) and Kiraya and I are working on a pretty massive fic undertaking. I've already written some things for the fandom, but they need tweaking before I post.

I do miss the days of having an actual fandom circle, back in the FMA days. Ah, college, I miss thee.

Speaking of College, I heard on Monday that I've been accepted to my Master's program! That means I'll be busy over the next two to three years, but I'm sure it'll be worth it - and the program is very much designed by teachers for teachers, so it'll be helpful, practical stuff rather than esoteric theory.

School is on Midterms, which is giving me some time to catch my breath. This has been a hard year so far. Hopefully it'll get easier.

I still love my house. Living so much closer has increased my quality of life a lot and I love the privacy. I'm looking forward to having Kiraya here full time, however, as it will help both with the finances and the chores (besides getting to enjoy her presence all the time! I have a bad feeling, however, that my minimal fic output might very well drop to zero for a while. >.>)

We celebrated Christmas down at Disney this year. It was really crowded, but the weather was pretty nice. It felt weird being away from home, but not too bad. The worse part was the trip down (took four hours more than usual due to traffic) though the trip back wasn't nearly as bad (a record through DC and Richmond!). I didn't like getting back to work almost immediately after, though. I'm still feeling like I'm dragging a bit, having never really rested up.

However! I now have mickey slippers to walk around the house with and they are super comfy! (Priorities...)
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