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Friday night Kiraya came and spent the night. We spent most of the time hammering out what will likely be our next major project - FSN with Rin as the main character. If we manage to pull this off it'll be epic beyond proportions. Just...gah. Affection points. Affection points, you are the bane of my existence. I took her down to the lovely bread company my mother and I love. She took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday (this Wednesday). We had a lovely time.

Today and yesterday I worked on gathering up all of the various photography stuff that the previous owners left here. (They had a business and it failed. They lost their house, their marriage and their business - it's such a sad story.) Turns out Dad knows someone at work whose wife is a professional photographer so she actually would know how to use this stuff. I filled up over half my car and took it down to the house. There are a few things I kept for myself but most of it is out of the house now. Tomorrow I'll be going through what's left downstairs and boxing up the clothing and a few other things - I'll send those off to VVA. This will result in the spare bedroom actually being passable as well as cleaning out part of the outside closet.

My parents bought a new mattress and mom said I could have the old ones. I have to rent a Uhaul (And we'll probably have Kiraya over to help; with four people it shouldn't be too hard) but I'll be able to put back up my bed from childhood and convert it to a canopy bed! The single I'm using now will go into the guest bedroom.

Today my parents met me at one of the local tex-mex restaurants which has been a tradition to celebrate my birthday for a long time. (I am, after all, a partial Texian, having been born there.) They gave me an absolutely ADORABLE cat card and my sister left me another one. (Which they accidentally left at home, but they also left a piece of cake they had bought me to enjoy on my actual birthday so I went home with them.)

I have a feeling Wednesday is going to feel weird. It'll be the first time I celebrate my birthday by myself...but I'll also be doing it in my own house. Lots of mixed feelings.

Fate/Zero soundtrack is amazing. I really hope they bring it over in something besides the box set that's like a fourth of my monthly mortgage payment. I'm enjoying rewatching the series too. Yay, Crunchyroll app!

Dad decided to get rid of his Nordictrack so that's currently in my otherwise empty dinning room. I'm finding it very enjoyable even though I can't do too much at a time yet. It is not bothering me the way jogging was (I seem to have developed a weird problem with my lower back if I jog too much) so I may have to focus on that until I get back into shape. Dieting will begin around the end of September towards the beginning of October, once I get back into the roll of school. Being better than I have been lately will start once we get past back to school night. I haven't opened up my scale yet, but I have a feeling I've put some weight back on. I want to get to be strong and healthy, especially when looking at what's been hitting my family lately. If that comes for me, I want as much as I can in my favor.

Dad's coworkers are being really supportive and helping him with the some of the department responsibilities.

It's the time of year teachers start talking about school. Here's a quick run down:

- Said good bye to my (as of yesterday) former supervisor. She helped me a lot with difficult situations over these past five years and it won't be the same without her around the building.

- The pilot I've mentioned a few times in the past is continuing. The teachers are getting Ipad3, so I got an upgrade. :) I honestly don't see that much of a difference.

- School starts officially for teacher's on Tuesday, for students on Thursday (no kids on my birthday, that's nice). My class sizes are smaller than last year (so far), but I'm not placing any bets on that remaining so. However, for the first time I every I have MY OWN ROOM so that's going to make a huge difference. I won't be pushing loads of books around all the time! This does, however, mean I need to focus on exercising at home.

This post is certainly long enough to tie off for now. I shall have to post more often.
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