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So, the last time I posted was when I closed. Since then, the following things have happened.

1) We cleaned the house - I have the best family and coworkers! - and I moved in.
2) I spoke for my unofficial mentor teacher at the retirement party.
3) We ended school - and I finally have my own room for next year!
4) I started unpacking.
5) I went on vacation for a week with [personal profile] kiraya
6) I continued to unpack. (This is a lengthy processes. I'm mostly done now.)
7) I started my summer job. (40 hours a week, very mentally intensive work.)
8) I 'finished' the costumes for Otakon (only to realize when we were actually there that I had missed hemming the sleeves and part of the design, oops.)

I can't believe its almost August. I'm getting settled into the my house and starting to get things into a routine. I want to start back up on eating healthy and exercising. I'm doing Couch to 5k (Admittedly, inside rather than out right now, but it's HOT.) Today I had someone come by and evaluate what I need done around the house (amongst other things, I have to replace the AC and the Furnace for sure.) Hopefully I will soon be able to start writing fic again - I miss it.

Family wise, things have been pretty emotional lately. My dad has been having some bad health problems and my uncle has skin cancer. Luckily they caught it and they think it isn't in the lymph nodes, though they're doing testing to be sure. Anyone have any extra prayers/positive thoughts they can spare, I'll sure take them!
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