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I am terribly unmotivated right now. This isn't really good. Um, what's been going on in my life?

Still waiting in the house situation. Apparently the bankruptcy court hearing isn't happening until March, le sigh. I am still trying to be patient and remind myself that I'm saving money, but there are days I really, really wish my drive was shorter.

I'll come.

In other news, it is lent time again. For those who aren't familiar with the practice, Catholics (I'm not sure if other Christians do it or not) sometimes abstain from something during the season. I have decided to once again give up reading fic. This is always a challenge, and I haven't done it much in the last few years, so it's good for me to try again. I am sometimes more productive while doing this, but often I end up playing video games or neopet games mindlessly. XD

I am trying to work on revising some more of the fills I did for the kinkmeme, as well as some stuff I have had on my journal but never posted to, since [personal profile] kiraya has decided to be my personal fic archiver. XD;; I hate posting stuff, but she thinks it needs to be out there. Well, when we start Divine Revolutions at least some people will be watching for Geass fic?

Reposting Dragonprints have those muses active. Marianneverse muses are active. I just need to actually be able to sit down and write. *goes looking for motivation*
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