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Bard Linn: Hello everyone! We hope this chapter was satisfying.

Kiraya: Jenova bit the big one; how could that not be satisfying?

Bard Linn: Well, I more meant the fight scenes leading up to said event.

Kiraya: Bluh, fight scenes.

Bard Linn: My point. :/

Bard Linn: But we really did work hard to do it!

Bard Linn: The whole 'soul fire' thing, by the way, is a combination of what Cloud does in Advent Children (against the summon) with the idea that fire purifies. I figured the Great Gospel couldn't have been enough by itself, or Aeris would have fixed Jenova easily in game.

Bard Linn: I hope that makes sense.

Kiraya: It's a classic use of fire, purification.

Kiraya: To be used on that magnitude, though... takes a lot out of a person.

Bard Linn: Well, making it easy would allow Cloud to pull it out whenever he wanted, which obviously we didn't want.

Kiraya: (Personally I think he was actually pretty much dead for a little while thereafter, but the Great Gospel preserved enough of a connection to his body that he was able to come back.)

Bard Linn: That is..quite possible. I don't know, personally. Cloud wasn't Speaking to Me at that moment.

Bard Linn: ....probably because 52 had taken over my brain.

Bard Linn: Which it did on and off again for a while. But I think it's better now.

Kiraya: Yeah... the last chapter!

Kiraya: Kind of hard to believe, isn't it?

Bard Linn: I'm excited. I need to make a list of stuff I want to talk about in notes there because I have quite a few things in my mind.

Bard Linn: ... I'm so brain dead from this week I can't remember what else I was thinking about this chapter.

Kiraya: If you have any questions, please ask!

Bard Linn: But I think we'll leave you now. Hopefully we'll see you all again before the month is out.

Kiraya: Indeed!

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